Monday, February 4, 2013

Brick Tank WIP

Personal Project .

The white Knights of Mars ! Join today!!!

I really just wanted  to do a semi futuristic Mega tank nicknamed "The Brick Tank "so here's the first roughs .I did a lot of figuring out on this one to the point that i could see through the paper:)
  you can see that I explored little bits off  to the sides knowing that i would be retracing it all after .

  I inked the original but kinda didn't like how it looked .the lines were too fat and kind of killed some of the energy soooo.....

*note the giant cat hair 

I light boxed over the inks !I left it as pencils and just cleaned it up in Photoshop .it gave me the chance to fix a few things .Some of its pretty organic but i like that.

This a rough color /value pass .this could change quite a bit once i dig into it .


  1. I love this tank, If you don't mind a crit I think the tangent between the barrel of the gun and the moon is a little distracting. I am excited to see you Friday!

  2. good critique !thanks !my intention is to make the image wider and the sun/planet shape will be push up and to the left a bunch.

  3. that's really cool man, definitely a tank design I haven't seen before