Thursday, October 21, 2010

Red Russian on red planet!

this was so much fun to paint! looks a bit odd scanned in .its never easy to get true color with a scanner but i think its fairly faithful.This was done as a concept for a possible munny figure mod I'm planning on doing in the future .

PunkinDemon with respecticons to Paul Richards

my bud Paul Richards has been cranking out sweet pumpkins for the last couple of years at Halloween time  and there totally awesome and they got me wanting to do some ! thought id take a crack at it and im going to color this fella before hallows eve.

Space Squirrel Pencils

i intent to try and real life paint as much of my up coming art as possible .this included .a spoil of a fun sketch night full of .....sketching and fun.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Painted Astro!

  I told you i would do it !So yeah i got this done yesterday .it was lots of fun . I drew it a while back and inked it with a brush and black ink. I was under the impression it was water proof but when i started painting over it  bled into the paint a bunch . Once the first layer was on and i was more or less painting on paint it was OK .I guess the trick would be to get some sort of spray coat between the ink and the paint .Ive recently Heard of transparent Gesso so i may give that a try . We will see what i come up with .Any suggestions?

Stickfa Concept

i wanted to do a toy mod to one of my Stickfa figures but i wanted to think it through on paper first .I've also been trying to get a painting work flow down as of late so the experiment here was to pencil then paint then ink at the end .I think the method works and its alot of fun to drop in all the lines at the end and watch the image clean up .I inked it with burnt sienna ink and a brush.