Saturday, July 7, 2012

Some childhood scribbles

 I got a pile of my old art back form my mom a few years ago and its been buried in a drawer for the last  while .I was going through my stuff and recovered these 2 gems and figured i would share .These are maybe me at 6 ?its hard to say .

the first one here was copied out of a book i had as a kid it was a page full of cave men ... persons? cave persons doing cave person stuff  like picking berries and Hunting. Apparently it was cool enough for me to want recreate in red .Note the amazing arm on the left cave man and the giant log like spear in the tiny hand of the other .Poor 2 legged deer:(

This one was copied from my Empire strikes back Story book .Luke fighting Vader on Bespin clearly .My favorite part of this picture is Luke's dumb and dumber hair and the arm shooting out of his chin.Pretty epic.Also the scribbles were clearly drawn after and i am curious what compelled me to do that . Maybe its the dark side?

1/100th scale Sherman tank w/ custom base

some finished shots of the Flames of war  Sherman tank

300th post!

300th post ! 20,667 page visits to date ! Thank you for all the visits and support!

Friday, July 6, 2012

FOW Sherman Tank w/custom base WIP

bought this little tank a while ago and I am kind of on a painting kick right now so im going through my old bin of projects and finishing  some stuff up.On one hand its fun just to do and on another its nice to finish up things you have had sitting around for years.

Flames Of War 1/100 scale(15mm) Sherman tank

Started with a small piece of wood and in pencil just traced out the general lay out of things.

In Photoshop i created a quick store front to print out and glue to a card then cut out the  separate layers of card creating a 3D building face.the brick base was made of Sculpey and i filled in the back of the building with Celluclay a wet paper clay that dries light and strong and is great for filling in spaces .I then smoothed out the seams with a 2 part putty and sanded it .

I baked the wood and the Sculpey bricks together but attached the building piece after .I'm pretty sure Celluclay and 2 part putty is not good to have in the oven .

After priming it with grey spray primer paint  i did a burnt sienna  acrylic base coat .

Sherman tank in the land of chocolate!

First pass paint on the base using hobby acrylics

Sherman tank paint pass  and a second pass of ware on the base 

 Some details.Its hard to tell but i shrank the window and the door by adding a paint boarder around the edges.It helped the scale of it over all.


 A penny for scale.