Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Why Crabs have one big arm

The Wolf and the Shepherd

Techno samurai with balloon


StarJack Star-fighter Process Wip

Heres the steps on the Starjack varients.

  • Do your initial Sketch 
  • Scan in the drawing and remember the settings for some later steps.That or just don't change them;)
  • Impose some rough Geo using a 3d program.This was just ment to be a guide for me seeing as im still struggling with perspective.the nice part is theres nothing "true" about the Geo placement i just rotated the shapes until they looked right. I wouldn't necessarily do this step every time.
  • Now print out your images.The important step was to print the image on the page and let it do it at its native resolution which should be 1:1 with the original .
  • Draw all the crazy stuff you want to add!!Weeeeee!!!
  • Scan the new drawings in using the original scanner settings .because the image is 1:1 you can copy paste the new detail drawings over your original in Photoshop.Line them up .
  • erase the crappy parts of the new Drawing revealing the original underneath.
  • Done!

StarJack Star-fighter and variants

this was in exercise in creating variants of a concept.I plan on doing some color and toning of it at some point in the future .

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Go GO Go Goat Warrior !!!

Recon car/hatch studies

 Loading up the brain library again .I found my self drawing hinges and hatches all the same and when i started looking at reference i found that there were many cool solutions the the concept of a hinged panel . 


Mayan calendar

Ive always loved the Mayan calendar .theres so much Character and interest to look at .amazing .I wanted to try and bring it to life before it brings us all to death next year and this is my swing at it .Done in my sketchbook with pencil ,pens and Copic markers .

side note: Copic markers are really awesome and the sell refills for them so your not chucking markers away all the time.That was pretty much why i stopped using markers all together before.I haven't tried to refill them yet so we will see how well that goes :P

WW 2 fighter plane engine studies

I was Doing some plane concepts the other day and realized i kept falling back on certain things .A hinge works like this .A vent looks like this. A pipe attaches like this.I was finding it wasn't looking very convincing to me and it didn't give me allot of variety to" jam" with in whence to  kick forth.

 My idea at that point was to try and add to my Brain library .I gather up a heap of reference and just redraw what was there in front of me .I found  the shapes can look like a big mess but allot of the times your forcing your brain to conjugate what your looking at which  was pretty cool .The more you understand how something works the better you can twist it and still have it look good. The vocabulary of an engine tends to be intake /exhaust /thrust and if you can describe these in a new way  or  specify  how it works better in your image than you will probably have something people will like and relate to .

Since i did this study i have not yet gone back and tried more plane concepts  but i do know i put a few more things   in my brain Library  and this is a good thing.

Fresh sketch book

    I haven't owned a sketch book in a while so this is sort of new again for me and very refreshing .its been keeping my brain juices going and gives me a good place to get my thoughts out with out over thinking the image. If  i wanted to take it to finish i can do that or if i like the idea and want to take it further on board or canvas or digital i can do that as well .It s not like i have to resell the concept of sketch book to anyone most people start here but i have a tendency  to have to rediscover things on my own terms .

  This Book i am dubbing the book of rabbit vol.1after the year of the rabbit that we are currently in (hopefully i can burn through this book and start a vol.2)

.i originally blasted the cover image down with markers but the semi gloss surface just wasn't having it ! I ended up hitting the whole thing again the black and white acrylic hobby paint .The spine is already in taters and the cover is all scratched up so i think were off to a good start on this one :)