Wednesday, December 29, 2010

the Pook rough layout and color wip

this is just to figure out composition and to play with color .Im going to transfer it onto a 18x 20 board to do the final clean version.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

around the world wip color

trying to come up with a good way to color my work Photoshop .Im wanting to come up with a fun efficient work method that will let me work traditionally for most of  the time and then color and clean up in Photoshop.This will ultimately be the method i employ for my comic books in the near future.

I m not sure i love it .Any feed back would be radical beans!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Needle nose dragon

good sketch night last night.Live Irish folk music showed up at Genuine Joes last night witch i was sort of dreading at first but it turned out to be pretty cool.

i was very much channeling how to tame your dragon last night :P

Assault rifle final with variants

This was an an experiment to expand my portfolio and try and go through the process of concepting .By doing this it was clear to me that thumb nails are a key part of concepting not only for myself but for your client.
When i was coming up the with the design for this i was drawing in ball point pen on a piece of yellow stripped paper which you could show to a client but it may be a point where they are unable to give you feed back because they dont see what you see hidden in the lines and the mess.Because of this i have been practicing doing pages of themed thumb nails on plain paper.
As I move onto the next exercise i will make sure i am able to present my work along the way in some fashion.nothing fancy but something that conveys some clear ideas.What may seem like chicken scratch to me is a valuable tool in creating a pleasant interaction between you and your client .

any way yes Assault rifle ! The original was painted in grey scale with acrylics then scanned and cleaned up colored and rearranged in Photoshop.

Friday, December 3, 2010

bot thumb continued

didnt add the black inky shadows to these .i think they kinda killed the silhouettes

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

airship shack sketch wip

A spoil of last weeks sketch nigh that i will painting .A couple notes about this one:all my most recent paintings have been on 5x7 boards and with this one im graduating to an 8x10 so that should be a little jolt to the system to have more room to paint on .
 Im going to try and channel a little Hayao Miyazaki magic onto the board this time .his work is always a beautiful blend of whimsical and believable and if i can capture a fraction of that i will be happy.

hang'n monkey gift

A life long friend of mine recently had a little cutie poop kiddo!! what  a good excuse for me to paint one of my favorite things for them.A MONKEY!! i need to remember to stop glossing my work before i scan it because the scanner ended up reflecting allot of texture noise and other little bits .I think the human eye is quite forgiving of art in person.
    I'm pretty happy with this piece as far as process went .Did an under coat wash of warm browns added some rough sky and leaf color and then just continued to tighten up from there .i think this went well but i stayed in my comfort zone .I'm going to try and start employing more real life lighting scenarios into my work  and do some (shudder) scenery painting studies for next piece will be employing allot more challenges:)

Space Squirrel painted

got him finished last week but just now posting him .scanning these paintings doesn't seem to do them justice but i think its not  helping that there recently gloss coated either.Still trying to get a method down for finishing my stuff:/
  The pumpkin paining i did a few weeks ago was a lesson in quickly under coating with color as well as some real simple shadow work which i used here as well.I mixed burnt sienna, yellow and white and thinned it down as a wash then pure burnt sienna to block in the shadows and shape .

 originally I had worked in a brownish bounce light onto the blue metallic suit but it looked very confused and didn't give the viewer any good clear information so i painted it out .

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Red Russian on red planet!

this was so much fun to paint! looks a bit odd scanned in .its never easy to get true color with a scanner but i think its fairly faithful.This was done as a concept for a possible munny figure mod I'm planning on doing in the future .

PunkinDemon with respecticons to Paul Richards

my bud Paul Richards has been cranking out sweet pumpkins for the last couple of years at Halloween time  and there totally awesome and they got me wanting to do some ! thought id take a crack at it and im going to color this fella before hallows eve.

Space Squirrel Pencils

i intent to try and real life paint as much of my up coming art as possible .this included .a spoil of a fun sketch night full of .....sketching and fun.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Painted Astro!

  I told you i would do it !So yeah i got this done yesterday .it was lots of fun . I drew it a while back and inked it with a brush and black ink. I was under the impression it was water proof but when i started painting over it  bled into the paint a bunch . Once the first layer was on and i was more or less painting on paint it was OK .I guess the trick would be to get some sort of spray coat between the ink and the paint .Ive recently Heard of transparent Gesso so i may give that a try . We will see what i come up with .Any suggestions?

Stickfa Concept

i wanted to do a toy mod to one of my Stickfa figures but i wanted to think it through on paper first .I've also been trying to get a painting work flow down as of late so the experiment here was to pencil then paint then ink at the end .I think the method works and its alot of fun to drop in all the lines at the end and watch the image clean up .I inked it with burnt sienna ink and a brush.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Dragon fly Tattoo idea take 2

I did some Dragon fly tattoo ideas a little while ago for my friend but i think i went to iconic with it and it sounded like she wanted more realistic so thats what i did .I worried more about trying to make a good dragonfly image and less about  whether it looked like a tattoo.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Tentakiller Astro boy post #1

I love AstroBoy ! He and i go way back .I used to get up at 6 am and watch him with the sound down super low on our old TV.This is a slightly Disturbed take on him .I'm planing on taking a lot of new drawings to the next level using acrylics this one included .Its for self education purposes so it could be a paint blood bath for a while but hopefully some good will com of it :) stay tuned!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Freak at chu!!! long time no posty

spent allot of time lately trying to organize and simplify my life and get random things tied up .Almost Done.Lets hope it all adds up to more art time .In the mean time Giant Horned Pikachu!!

oh BTW i inked this with a brush which i haven't tried in 10 years and i got to say its wicked fun!! i dig the precision of a pen so I'm not throwing them aside but i see a big place for both in my tool box.if its fun to do it almost always translates to better art .Thats probably totally not true but at least in this instance it would seem to ring true.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Tattoo rough for my Suga.

so yeah like the title implies this is a rough idea for a tattoo .this will be to honor my Fiances past beloved pook dog in a Alphonse Mucha style doesn't take long while emulating his work that you realize the Genius at play with each of his pieces.After putting this loose image together i will be definitely taking advantage of our current age of computers and doing each element separately then scanning then combining then and redrawing the final all as one .should be interesting

quick notes:
-the flowers (weeds) at the bottom will become poppies

-the details in the ring will be stars and moons

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Skate Board Art WIP

So a friend of mine is having a gallery show and he wants everyone to paint up a skate board deck .Awesome idea .i managed to hunt down a blank deck and primed it .I wasn't quite sure about how to go about thumb nailing it so i scaled down the measurements to fit on my trusty 5"x7" cut boards.
I drew out and inked in my idea and then i was looking at it and thought what the hell i should cut it out and bend it to loo like a real board.Gave me a pretty literal interpretation of what to expect when i work on the real thing.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Sketch Book in progress!!!

Im still wack'n away at getting all the pages together but the majority of the materials are i just have to figure out how to make a PDF and find a good printer!!More Details to come!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

photoshop Brush and texture test sheets

I'm going to try and make myself some natural looking /acting Photoshop brushes so i made some paint swatches to pull from .If you use them let me know if you get any good ones and fire them my way!
also i was testing out some ink splooches just to see if i could overlay them to any good result.