Sunday, June 7, 2009

Buffa lo-fi wip1

Heres a wip of a painting im working on currently .I regret not getting earlier shots of it just because its changed so much since i started it and i think it will change alot more before its done .Im working monocromaticaly to start with and hope to start introducing color with glazes once i get more of the form and details finalized. I dont know how to do glazes so that should be interesting

Pirate ray gun

some doodles and thumbs of pirate ray guns. Im planning on doing a painting in the not so distant future .

view from my table at motzarts

My lady and I decide to have a lazy afternoon out at motzarts down by the lake.I did this painting in guache and a brown ink pen on watercolor paper.a little note-painting and a wobbly wooden deck is not awsome for drawing strait lines :)

boof and it was created!!

a place to put up random artings .Having a web site is awesome but i need a place not so squeaky clean to post up sketches and other random thoughts and noodles and doodles .this would be that place .