Sunday, May 16, 2010

photoshop Brush and texture test sheets

I'm going to try and make myself some natural looking /acting Photoshop brushes so i made some paint swatches to pull from .If you use them let me know if you get any good ones and fire them my way!
also i was testing out some ink splooches just to see if i could overlay them to any good result.

Friday, May 14, 2010

NEW WEBSITE!........

well not new new but my old one got hijacked by pirates and had to be nuked .in its place i now have this :

a special thanks to the for hooking me up !! you rock.

also i have another blog.... a secret blog ....a neeeerrrrrdddy blog .Ive decided to photo archive all my old miniatures Ive painted over the years before i pack them all away to collect dust .i do some random work on miniatures and the like and as i do i will up date .

if you would like to see it or follow it it can be found here .