Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2012 New year sketch book!

going to try to have a single place to just crap out ideas good or bad with out the pressure to make them awesome or finished etc .i want to loosen up and try and refrain from inking everything .I may try and take more raw pencil pieces into Photoshop to go strait to some quick paint-ups.stay tuned!


  1. oh, hey, a munny! ever make a custom one of them? ive made 2 so far, theyre super fun. my first attempt was a steampunk clock, but i busted the clock shoving it into his tiny little body so he doesnt work :(

  2. yeah I got 2 munny toys over at arron borthers at chrismas for half off and they both came with cool blank stickers inside .those alone are pretty fun to play with .ve nere mnoded one but im going to mod all 3 blank munnys i have this year .ones big and the other 2 are small .A steam punk clock is a rad idea !im assuming the vinyl is pretty thick so yeah i bet its pretty tight trying to get something in there .i bought some 2 part epoxy for scultpting with so im sure that will be an intersting learning experience:P This place is a huge insperation .