Sunday, July 31, 2011

macgyver light

at home depot you can buy all diffident kinds of pvc pipes and connectors .for about 12 bucks i was able to put together this simple frame work .I bough some cheep clamp lights and electrical taped them onto the frame so that they would stay put .So far I am really happy with it .I put a 75 watt daylight bulb at the top and 40 at the bottom so its not cooking me while i work next to it .the foot part is simple and flat so its not in the way at all .I didn't glue any of it so i can expand it or shrink it if i needed .I may at some point need to glue the T joint connecting the bottom to the top part just for stability.I used a foot pedal  button extension cord to make it easy to turn on and off. Its not pretty but its cheap, simple to customize, lightweight and portable:)

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  1. Sweet! Gonna have to copy your idea for my painting station.

    During Gemini's recent Industry Night, one of the teacher's friends, an oil painter, used similar clamp lights, but he had two sheets of blue cellophane clamped in front of the bulb. When asked, he said it was a cheap way to get that blueish Northern light. Will be trying that too!