Sunday, February 13, 2011

Fresh sketch book

    I haven't owned a sketch book in a while so this is sort of new again for me and very refreshing .its been keeping my brain juices going and gives me a good place to get my thoughts out with out over thinking the image. If  i wanted to take it to finish i can do that or if i like the idea and want to take it further on board or canvas or digital i can do that as well .It s not like i have to resell the concept of sketch book to anyone most people start here but i have a tendency  to have to rediscover things on my own terms .

  This Book i am dubbing the book of rabbit vol.1after the year of the rabbit that we are currently in (hopefully i can burn through this book and start a vol.2)

.i originally blasted the cover image down with markers but the semi gloss surface just wasn't having it ! I ended up hitting the whole thing again the black and white acrylic hobby paint .The spine is already in taters and the cover is all scratched up so i think were off to a good start on this one :)

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