Tuesday, December 28, 2010

around the world wip color

trying to come up with a good way to color my work Photoshop .Im wanting to come up with a fun efficient work method that will let me work traditionally for most of  the time and then color and clean up in Photoshop.This will ultimately be the method i employ for my comic books in the near future.

I m not sure i love it .Any feed back would be radical beans!


  1. Hey Dan.

    I just stumbled across your blog. It's interesting because I'm trying to do the very same thing with my stuff. For some reason finding a method in potoshop is difficult, or at least, tricky to pin down into a single approach. I like what you've done above. The sculptured look of the staff in particular is very convincing. How long did it take you? I usually use illustrator to colour but recently I've been wanting to employ a more tradition 'look' to my finished work... Just can't settle on a formula though..

  2. so what i keep gravitating to is something ive been using my texturing at work as well .There called gradient maps . i select an area then go the bottom of the layers panel and apply a gradient map as a layer .you then open it up set it to the black and white preset and then from there i start apply color to the gradient.this allows you to have your selection go from black to purple to green to yellow if you want it it all happens rather smoothly

    Im going to do a tutorial for this in the near future if it sounds confusing .

    thanks for posting! hope this helps

  3. Dan. Thanks I'll give this method a go and see where it takes me.