Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Cleva Gerl..

Last time i went on a card sheet expedition i picked up some grey stuff .this is my first time playing with it but its a lot of fun to work on and i see a lot of potential in experimenting with it.


  1. OMG COOL! Is it white colored pencil, or are you pulling it out with guache or some such trickery? Really nice distribution of detail on this, especially those smaller spines down its back, and those neck creases. You even put little capillaries in that membrane!

    Hey, my phone is being retarded. Are you free for some Pancake House this week?

  2. thanks man!It was a ton of fun to do.very indulgent.I used acrylic paint in sort of a loose washy layerish sort of fashion .Its quite refreshing to work with more than black or white ,on or off .

    lets totally try and get together this week .i will call you tomorrow and we can hatch a plan of sorts.