Sunday, May 20, 2012

Lighting Ref

I made some quick reference models for my book and did some shooting in the sun yesterday.I used some green and orange cards to identify diffident lighting directions on the models.I got some interesting results so i thought i would post a few.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Whilst traveling in Italy sketches #6

quick rough colors

this robot was inspired by these big recycling containers i saw around Italy .I actually really dug seeing the big shapes just sort of sitting abstractly against the ancient Italian backdrop

Whilst traveling in Italy sketches # 5

Whilst traveling in Italy sketches # 4

Whilst traveling in Italy sketches # 3

Whilst traveling in Italy sketches # 2

random sketches from random tables in Italy.

Whilst traveling in Italy sketches # 1

the view from our Deck in Florence .We had a small court yard sort of thing that was totally enclosed that was sort of cool and shady .awesome for relaxing but not so awesome for drying clothes on our metal rack .Travel note :no one has Dryers in Italy! for reals. Only George Clooney and Laundromats and the rich .

random robot i think influenced by the Juan Gimenez book i picked up

Back From Italy!!

        I'm still digesting all the things ive seen all the food i ate and all the walking i did and the fact that I'm now somebody's Husband!Simply put Italy was amazing !Of all the places i visited i was most smitten with Florence for some reason.there was something to the energy and the people  and the fact that every street corner was a potential painting plus gelato ! Any way I'm sure stuff will come up in other posts but just so its said if you ever wanted to go to Italy i emphatically say DO IT!!!

One of the many things i was stoked about heading to Europe was picking up some of there gorgeous graphic novels and comics.I  love our north american comics but there's something amazing to me about the presentation  and subject matter and just over all hand crafted feel of their books .