Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sketche page

the guy in the top left is an airborne drop tank .Look at that mustache. He must mean business! They guy in the lower left is a study for my Graphic novel project.

Max Gun Paint WIP

My friends kid is having his 5th birthday next weekend and what better gift than a custom nerf gun? well a lot of  other things would be better but that's what hes getting form me any way :)

cliff notes :

  • black spray base cote 
  • mask off areas
  • brown spray coat
  • hairspray
  • color
  • remove mask 
(currently at this point)
  • light  wet sand paper until desired ware 
  • brown wash on color and wipe off 
  • sand color on black parts and wipe off
  • shoot someone 

Friday, February 3, 2012

Battlefield Heroes vehicle Contest quick lunch concept

that's a mouth full.

Transport ship Concept

well im calling it done.This was a massive lesson in perspective and establishing it early so you dont spend the entire time putting band-aids on everything ! takes a lot longer and i think ultimately ended up with something over rendered .With that said if success is measure in things learned then this was a success .thanks for all who contributed feed back in the process!