Tuesday, November 24, 2009

assaut beaver

lil house

this was done as a little 5x7 sketch trade card with http://virginiacritchfield.blogspot.com/ .she got me into working in this format .i find it freeing enough to do random subjects but also quality enough to keep or paint if i chose to .its been quite a blast .

Paper Wind waker

made this a few months back out of chipotle menus.It currently lives in the little know Pisano art work exhibition otherwise known as my fiances desk.

blazzer laser!

this is a liquid based laser gun used in some sectors of space by small colony law enforcement.Its and older laser gun but preferred over newer models because of its comfortable wooden grip and simple styling.

Portable Recon Spider Bot

this is something infantry would carry with then and chuck into abandoned buildings for recon .the retracting handle on top is a cue to its scale .about the size of a PC case.


I drew this guy the other day at sketch group on a 5 x 7 card .i figure hes a lesser known He-man Character

Atomic Turkzilla!!!!

Happy pre-thanksgiving yalz!